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Frequently Asked Questions


I work from home, do I really need an alarm system?

Yes. If you ever leave your home, even for a short period of time such as a trip to the grocery store, you need an alarm system. Intruders are typically in and out of a home within 10 minutes. An alarm system can help keep your home protected.


Do alarm systems prevent break ins?

Having an alarm system installed in your home can help reduce the risk of a home invasion. In a study that conducted interviews with convicted criminals, nine out of ten intruders said they would avoid a home that had an alarm system in place.

Will my alarm system still work if there is a power outage?

Yes, most alarm systems are equipped with backup batteries that activate immediately after a power loss.


I want to protect my home against fire. What are my options?

There are a few ways you can protect your home against fire. First, you should invest in working smoke detectors. There are two types of smoke detectors: ionization and photoelectric. An ionization smoke alarm reacts to flaming fires, and a photoelectric smoke alarm reacts to smoldering fires. For the best protection, install a combination alarm (both ionization and photoelectric) in your home.


For even better protection, consider installing a home sprinkler system. The system can be modified to work with your alarm system and only disperse water in areas with fire.


What happens if I accidentally set off my alarm system?

If you quickly disable your system, nothing will happen. Home alarms systems allow users a brief period of time to disable the system before a signal is sent to the monitoring center. If you happen to set off your alarm, contact your monitoring company and let them know you are not in danger.


If you are unable to disable your system during the allotted 'safe period,' a signal will be sent to your monitoring venter. To cut down on the amount of false dispatches, your monitoring company will contact you via phone to verify an emergency situation before sending an emergency responder.


My business is located in an office building in a safe area; do I really need an alarm system?

Yes, absolutely. No office building or area is immune to security threats such as a burglary, fire or vandalism.


Do I have to tell my employees that I am installing security cameras in the office?

No, you are not legally obligated to disclose the use or location of surveillance systems as long as the cameras are in public areas where privacy is not expected. Most areas of an office are considered public areas. It is illegal to place cameras in places where one would expect privacy like a bathroom or dressing room.